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Only hear noise on MP3 burned disks on the stereo

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Hi all,

I am running XP home SP2 and every time I rip an audio disk and burn to MP3 format

for use on our Samaung MM-ZB7 I get white noise, like a radio not on the station.

I can make audio disks for the stereo.

The same disk plays on other systems.

This system plays MP3 disks made elsewhere, bought or a friend.

Should I change anything in the MP3 preferences?

I already tried to set the quality to 32 Kbit, the sampling rate to 22050, and low encoder

quality but no good.

Do I have to write ID3?

Do i format the disk?


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Guest Scyfer

Yikes, 32kbit. Yeah anything under 128kbit is trash, and even 128 cuts off a significant portion of the (high end) of audio tracks. Try 192kbit or better if you're going to be reconverting back to cd quality audio and playing that (which is essentially what stereos do with mp3s).

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