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Cant view muti session / volume / somthing disks

Guest SUPER_n00b_that_spels_bad

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Guest SUPER_n00b_that_spels_bad

I backed up files , tested the back ups with windows 98 and they worked fine. all i had to do was right click on the cd drive and click on somthing to do with viewing another voulume. I just had to format during the WIN xp upgrade and da da da I can't do that with windows XP or Windows ME on another computer.

Noiw all i can do is view the last session/voulume

I belive that i made the disk muti-session or voulumed or somthing without knowing it. Honestly since I have no clue what Muti-session means or to why it prevents me from viewing files.

I disabled the ICAPI thing ( the thing that lets windows burn files without software)

I do not know if I finailzed the Disks , there is no option in the menus that says "Finailize Disk " so i really wouldnt have the slightest clue if i did or not since I did not click on a option to finailze the disk since it is not there. Im pretty sure I did not click on any pop up saying finailize disk so if that is the only way I could have finailzed the disk then I did not do it.

One of hte disks is a CD-R and the rest are CD-RWS

im using version 3.0.116


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You can use multisession to add files to a CD as often as you want. The first files you add are Session 1, the second files are Session 2 and so on.

If you have problems reading all data on your disc, you can use ISOBuster.

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