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Closing Problem

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I am trying to write some ISO's to disks so I can install Linux on a home computer. So far I have tried to write the Disk One ISO twice, and each time it has a problem at closing.

There is no Error, it simply keeps going and going. The first time I removed the CD after 11 minutes of 'Closing Disk'. But when I tried it the Opperating system could not be found.

Trying it again I am now up to 40 minutes after 'Closing Disk' started. This time I also told it to Verrify the Data and Finalize (something I thought I told the last one to do, but it was not checked when the burn started).

I wanted to create a Bootable CD but none of the opptions looked like what I needed (all for windows). A friend of mine said that all those things should be done by the ISO.

I am using XP Pro (SP2) on a home built system. The Burner is a TDK VeloCD. The ISO is SUSE-9.3-Prof-i386-CD1.iso (I will have to do CD2 - CD5 as well).

Please Help, we have been without our second computer (as frumpy as it is) for too long.

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