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I have several sessions burnt on a DVD-R, but got stuck with the last session.

The error code is "Writing Error:(3)"

Can someone explain what this means?

I have attached a snapshot of the error.



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Tks for taking the time to reply.

Overwrote: I thought there was a feature to protect against this?

Anyhow, data was quite recent and I erased the DVD and started again.

But I will watch out for this "OverWriting" possibilty happening again.

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I erased the DVD and started again.

You were using a rewritable disc?

That explains a lot. There is a reserved area on a rewritable disc, much like a FAT that contains the instructions for how data is stored on the disc. You had just enough data that it tried to write to this reserved area. (in simple terms)

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That was an eye-opener. I am new to optical media burning and have "burnt my fingers"

in the process. Being cautious by nature, I did not delete the copied data from my Hard Drives (to save space etc.), and I breathed a sigh of relief at this aftertought, otherwise I would have ended up with a useless DVD RW disk.

Tks for the explanation

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