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Donors sign up here! [Patience after replying, thanks.]

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Ok, I will check your e-mail adress, then you will get access to beta-forum. Currently there are no betas, but soon there will be a bug-fix release....read more in beta forum later then :)

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Of course you can have :)

I will just check your email and then you will have access.

Currently there is no beta, but you can already have a look at the new Homepage-Design.

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Hi Flo,

I'm not going for betas but I wouldn't turn them away either.

I would like to mirror your product, if that counts as a donation.

I would be hosting it on my gaming clan's website (which I run) and have the BW and space to spare.

Get back to me if you're interested.

I have also one question: Does CDBXPP support disc-to-disc copy and if not will it in the future? Pardon my noobishness. I have tried to coax the program to do so but it is not willing.

Ok, thx 4 your time,


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Oh yes...a mirror would be really appreciated since this program takes a lot of traffic :)

CDBurnerXP Pro does not support disc-to-disc copy yet, but I think it will do some time in future.

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I have been looking for alternatives to NERO for so long and you are the first devellopers that look promising to me.

I donated 5.00 dollars U.S with the e-mail : j-f.ouellette@sympatico.ca

I would like to test out any betas if any and of course any bugfix are welcome, especially one for that annoying Windows Installer popup problem described in the forum. I keep getting it.

If you have a temporary fix for this I welcome it.

Keep up the good work and I will donate more

Can't wait for that version 3.0!

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All donors who would like to have access to the latest beta versions, please let us know here (just post a reply). :)

I am a new user and am getting the error 102 and I saw that the new version may fix it. I made my donation and am looking forward to downloading the beta version.


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All you three are donors? Wow... many donors at the moment. I will check your e-mails and then let you know when you got access to beta versions.

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