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Problem closing DVD

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First off, let me say I think CDBurnerXP is a great program and it's fantastic that it's available free. So far, I've only hit one snag: it seems to be unable to close DVDs on my system. I have two DVD burners installed and it happens on both (NEC ND-2510A and Philips DVDRW416N). The files are burnt to DVD in about 11 minutes (4x speed) and the track is closed, but when the disc itself should be closed, the drive spins down, spins up, clicks and repeats this ad infinitum until I cancel the burn. I've tried 3 different brands of DVD (all +R) in both burners. CDBXP can't verify the itself, but when I eject and reload the disc, a simple "fc /b" on the command prompt tells me everything was written. Still, this worries me a little.

The same happens when not closing the disc, but closing the session instead.

Using CDBXP to create an ISO image and then writing this with, say, DVD Decrypter works fine, as does TMPGEnc DVD Author, so I know it's not the burners themselves that have a problem.

I'm using version 3.0.115. Is this a bug in CDBXP, is there an incompatibility with my drives or could it be something else entirely?

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