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New Version: 2.2.5


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Finally, after a long time of wait, the new version of CDBurnerXP Pro is ready for download!

These took about two month now and because of this, it is the biggest changelog ever!

Changes 2.2.4->2.2.5

1.Added possibility to make ISO images, this can be started from the ISO Writer menu.

2.Updated the development environment to Service Pack 6, I hope this will make the application to work better under Win98 and WinME.

3.New background in the main window.

4.Rewritten the check update, now it uses the html protocol, this should eliminate problems with downloads.

5.Added a button in the toolbar for starting the ISO Creator.

6.Changed the layout of Data Writer, Audio Writer and DVD Writer windows.

7.Added a new size meter to see how much is added to the compilation.

8.Added popup menus for adding sessions to the CD.

9.Added popup menus for adding and deleting files from the compilation.

10.New buttons for moving up, creating directories, select all and deselect all files in the file view.

11.Added function for detecting previous sessions on the media, if there is a previous session the program will ask if it should import the latest session.

12.Added a new button for inverting selected files in the file window.

13.Added a new button for filtering files after there extensions.

14.Changed the icons in the main toolbar.

15.Changed the icons in the Audio Ripper.

16.Removed the sidebar, all the functions are added with popup menus or in the toolbar.

17.A completely new installer for CDBurnerXP Pro.

18.Added options for CDBurnerXP Pro. (There will be more options in further releases).

19.Corrected an error when deleting a file that was already added to a compilation.

20.Added resize functions to Data Writer, Audio Writer, DVD Writer and ISO Creator.

21.Corrected an error that occurred when trying to convert nrg files bigger than 2GB.

22.Corrected that nothing changed when selected different data modes in CDWriter.

23.Added more options to CDBurnerXP Pro.

24.Added a system info button to the about dialog.

25.And much more…


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Congratiulation to your genius update of CDBXP :!::D

I've take a closer look on it and I like it very much :!::lol:

The new design and the new functions are great :!:

I will test the new update in the next few days and report what I think about it :!:

Go on like this :!::!::!:

Cya, Redoo

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