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mp3 burning by ones but listens by six.....problem !

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Hello everyone. have a very puzzling problem. I burn mp3 cds and as I burn them, it burns one at a time.....Now , when I listen to the music,(only press play and then listen to it all no touching), I can listen to every song in the same order that they were burnt. BUT ... if I press play.....then try to go and listen to song number( I'll pick 5 just because) 5 I can't listen to it. If I try to skip a song it skips 6 songs at a time. So if I want to manually skip a song, the player will go to 7 then 13 then 19 then 25 then 31 and so on........

Anyone have a solution for this miserable pain in the ^^^^^ please ??

Thanks to those who help.........

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