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Help!! Error while writing Audio CD: no files!

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Oh dear!!

I don 't know what i'm doing wrong but i don't seem to be able to burn any audio CDs!

I'm afraid i'm quite new to CDBXP and in fact burning through a DVD - only just swapped from CD burner, but i don't seem to be doing very well so far :(

I have managed to create a couple of disks from files on my PC, but now whenever i click on burn after selecting further stuff, it goes to write CD screen and then gives me an error box.

I get a box that is headed 'CDBurner XP 3 - Critical', and contains the message 'Error while writing Audio CD: There are no files for writing!'

What am i doing wrong? The tracks are there registering on the bottom bar that shows how much space they take up and when i click on the tracks they play from my hard drive so i dont understand it!

Please help someone!! I'm desperate to copy these disks for my car and i'm sure it's just something real simple cos i managed it before. I'm sooo confused!! :?

Please help someone if you can :(

Thank you

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Yes i added the files - they were all sat in the lower box with the gague at the bottom teling me how much space they take up etc, but when i click on the burn icon it goes to the next window for burning and tells me i have no files to copy.

I really don tunderstand. Could it possibly have anything to do with files that are alreadyon my pc that were ripped using Windows Media Player not being compatible or something daft??

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Just a minute!!!

I've just closed it down and opened it back up and done exactly the same thing and it's now burning!!

Do you have to close down after each burn??? :?

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