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Guest njulia

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Guest njulia


I'm trying to burn data on a DVD R , the burning window opens, as if he was starting to burn, et suddenly the window dissapeaars, the program shuts down and the dvd is blocked , i can only eject it if i restart the computer.

Does anybody know what is all about??i reinstalled cdburner xp pro i have the same problem, my computer has an internal drive NEC 6500.

Thanks for your help!!!

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Guest Krock

I just got bite in the ass with this bug and although the program worked for some time, I was burning a bunch of DVDs in one night... burned 8 or 9 no problem, now I can't use my drive at all... but this does not appear in your known bugs link, if it had I've never have installed. Rebooting gives me back control of the drive and installing the software that came with my drive has allowed me to continue my burning... its a solution, of sorts.

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