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Burning Doesn't Start

Guest Vorador

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Guest Vorador

OK here's my problem i've got an LG DVDRAM GSA-4167B I start your program select the files to burn, start the burn and the program just stays there doing nothing it says that it's burning at 8X on a DVD but does nothing..

My Specs are

AMD K6-2 550 Mhz


LG DVDRAM GSA-4167B (it's new I haven't updated the firmware)

LG CD-RW GCE-8520B (works perfectly with CDBurner XP)

MLR58.. (Something i don't have the menuals just the drivers)

And I get some problems with Nero Burning ROM like Invalid Wirte Address or something I've been able to use the drive to copy Cds with Gamejack4...

can anyone help??

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could it be that you have 100% CPU usage ???

then I have the same bug, too

but it can be "fixed"

all you need to do is to minimize the window and reopen it ... or rightclick it in taskbar ...

this problem appears quite often here

it should be fixed soon ( 3.5.6 )

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Guest Vorador

Thanks, but no, still the same, I selct the files start to burn them, but CDBurner XP just sits there. I've let the timer go up to ten minutes and still nothing.

I forgot to tell the last time that when I put a CD-RW the program tells me that there are 4 TB (believe me I didn't spell that wrong) inside the disc and that i can't burn anything, nero does the same thing that CDBurner XP does, it just sits there it doesn't even start to use the drive.

The computer I'm trying the drive on is

OS: Win98 SE

Processor: K6-2 550 Mhz

RAM: 64 MB

Motherboard: PCCHIPS M598LMR


LG CD-RW GCE-8520B (got some problems too can't close tracks)

Media Type: Samsung DVD-R

I got a working ASPI layer (checked with ASPI checker) I don't know what else to try. As I said before I can copy CDs with Gamejack4 (haven't tried DVDs) and nero works OK with the other drive.

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