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I won't try it - sadly

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Hi everyone,

I was looking for a freeware alternative for Nero. I've found a topic about this CDBurnerXP on a site's forum, and i started to download.

While downloading, a spotted the news, and took a visit to the forum, and the version history. The result is: cancel download...

Why? Two versions available for public (as i know):

Version - 2005/01/26 (public alpha)


Version 3.0.116 - 2004/10/3

Both of them is *quite* old, which is actually not such a big problem. If any one of them is bug free (of course not literally - i'm a coder myself in .NET, and i know this is almost impossible) then there is no problem. Running through the forum found bugs which might be fixed in the upcoming version - that is 3.5. 3.5 is an alpha which is almost a year old - i won't use that to backup anything. To make things short: i cannot find a public version which i can trust. Than i had the idea to donate, for support, and get a fine version...

Than i ran into some topics about CDBurnerXP does not support any other filenames than english, which is not mentioned anywhere like warning, or something. Just this: "non-ASCII charcters are not displayed or burned correctly" is not enough.

Sorry guys, that does it. :( The site, the screenshots, the layout, the design, the idea, the concept all was fine. The features, the support is cool. The team looks cool. But not enough for me...

I won't give any ideas, any suggestions, as i read you all know your job, have your *politics*. Also won't ask the heck question when there will be ... (I hate that too :))

This is freeware, and you put in there a great amount of work, which anyone can only say thank you. Seems like a nice project, i WILL check on you later. :wink:

Good luck, and keep up the good work! :)

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I know - we have a problem with our releases. Version 3.0.116 originally was a beta version and we just "declared" it as stable version by now although there are quite a lot of known bugs (for example the helpfile is partially outdated and confuses our users). This is why I wanted version 3.5 to be released as soon as possible, however, we still have no stable replacement since the development of version 3.5 is much slower than expected.

We can't do anything about the ASCII problem though since we are not the developers of the burning library. Eventually it will be implemented...

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