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Help needed to burn VOB files to a DVD

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I have a large number of DVD recordings +r/w. Some are TV recordings, others are DVDs made from digital tapes, some are clippings of titles and statements, etc. I need to cut and paste these in a number of ways and burn them back to a DVD that will play. I have been able to successfully cut sections that I needed using MPEG2cut. I have also been able to combine these individual cuttings into a single larger file using DVTool053. I can play the newly created VOB files on WINDVD by selecting play a file. The sound and Video are at the expected quality although sometimes the time stamp is very messed up – for instance, a video will have a total time stamp of 0 hrs, 0 mins, 59 secs. Instead of what should be 1 hour, 1 min, 20 sec. To move midway through the movie you would enter the time of 30 seconds. These are not exact numbers, but the range is correct. I only mention this time issue because I don’t know if it’s part of my overall problem or not.

My primary desire is to burn the newly created VOB files to a DVD and play them. I have failed completely in that regard. I used a document I found on the internet entitled “How to author & burn a DVD from VOB trailers/files." It indicated that I could accomplish my goal by using VOBedit in combination with IFOedit. According to instructions, I renamed the files VTS_01_1, …02, …03. In VOBedit I selected “Join Clips” and put the new files into a new folder named VTS_VIDEO. Here’s where problems began. I started with four files in the range of 4 to 7 meg. I ended with 1220 files very much smaller in size. I was then instructed to open IFOedit. It created a VIDEO_TS.ifo and a VTS_01_0.ifo as well as two corresponding .BUP files. I then changed the language of the two .ifo files to English and clicked “Get VTS Sectors” as instructed.

When I tried to play my new creation with WinDVD I had garbled pulsating sound and no video. The very small individual VOB files played properly.

I don’t know if you need all of that information or not. Maybe there is a much simpler way to get what I want – playable VOB files burned to a DVD.

Any help would be appreciated as it would save me a large amount of time and effort coping the sections I want from one DVD to a DVD burner piece by piece.


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I was just checking out cdburnerxp and saw your post.

No idea why you ended up with all those small files, but maybe your cutting tools didn't work properly.

One way to do this, if you're starting from authored dvds (not just vobs), load them into dvdshrink and do the cutting there as it has a good preview. You'll end up with small 'complete' dvds. These could be combined using something like TMPGEnc Dvd Author, or just grab all the vobs and follow the guide you mentioned. Even if just starting with individual vob files, you could create ifo's for them with ifoedit first, then load into dvdshrink. I mention this method as it has never failed for me, but other vob editors have produced errors sometimes.

Also, read the 'joining clips' guide at http://ifoedit.wh.fr0zen.com/joinclip.html in case yours is slightly different. I know when 'How to author & burn a DVD from VOB trailers/files' first came out people had problems, although it did get updated.

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