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CDBXP freezes starting AudioCD-burning-session!

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Hi to everybody

Yesterday I installed CDBXP 3.0.116.

I started the program: OK! I started Help: OK!

I changed the settings: OK!

BUT: I started a new session to burn an audio-CD and my PC frozes -> took a lokk in Tasks:

>program does not react< -> closed the program and start again -> the same as before. Reboot PC and start CDBXP: the same!

When I want to start an audio session, program freezes :(

Till now I can't say wether CDBXP is a good program or not, because it doesn't work :?::?:

My PC: Pentium 500, 128MB RAM, 15GB Harddisc, 4,34GB on C:\ (2,30GB free), Zonelab, AntVir; Burner: Mitsumi CR-4804 TE

Thanks for your help!

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