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XP now labels DVD+RWs as "UDFREADER" but lists con

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I downloaded CDBurnerXP Pro onto my WinXP computer. I uninstalled all my Roxio EasyMedia Creator8 files including all folders "left over". I rebooted, and installed CDBurnerXP Pro. Before opening it, however, I noticed that Windows Explorer recognized the CD-DVDRW drive as "UDFREADER". When I inserted a DVD+RW that I had previously written on, Windows Explorer recognized the volume, too, as UDFREADER and showed no folders or files - only a couple of files and information pertaining to the UDFREADER program.

I opened CDBurnerXP Pro, and erased the disc. Now, it shows up in Explorer as the same UDFREADER, but with no files listed. Properties shows it as 100% used, with no free space.

Then, I burned a small folder to the disc using CDBurnerXP Pro, and after refreshing Explorer, it showed the folder. But....it still only recognizes the disc as UDFREADER.

I had the same (or similar) problem with Roxio's EasyMedia Creator. Explorer would show the folders and files, but would not show the volume name of the disc.

I then took a tip from the forum concerning IMAPI CD-Burning and disabled it, but it hasn't made any difference.

I really need some help on this, so if you have any ideas, please........


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Properties shows it as 100% used, with no free space.

I've noticed that WinXP sometimes remembers the Properties, but not the contents, of the disc as it was before you altered (erased) it, until you reboot.

Did Windows Properties show as 100% used, with no free space before you erased it?

Try rebooting.

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