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I have a sony dw-d56A on my laptop. I checked list and found that it is not in the burner supported by the cdburnerxp pro. And I tried some dvd-r I bought 2-years ago, the error is write protect (5 , 27, 0). I tried several other programs including burn4free (freeware), nero ultra 6 (up to version demo) and sonic record now (dell offered with the purchase of computer). Neither of them can write a dvd. Then I bought some cheap dvd-r (4*) from officemax (forgot what is my dw-d56a's writing speed -- 4* or 8*?). But things works with record now. SO I SUPPOSED THAT ALL MY PREVOUS DVD_R ARE BAD. Writing with cdburnerxp seems working too. BUT the speed available is only 1*. Is this because my writer is not in the support writer list?

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