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New feature; havent seen before anywhere

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First off, i fully support you guys and think your doing an awesome job!

My feature request is simple. Lets say i have 100 songs i want to burn on to multiple cd's I dont want to have to go through all of them and sort through the files and sizes i want it to say " You can add these 100 songs but they will be recorded onto 5 cd's. Are you sure?"

Yes i want to be able to select 100 songs and have the program burn them 1 cd at a time until they all get burned.

I think this is a great idea do you?


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It is an interesting idea, but it isn't as easy as it sounds. The moment you offer such a feature people will demand that each CD should be optimally filled, and THAT is a hard problem. (NP-hard if I am not mistaken :-)

But I agree, it would be a nice feature (although I doubt I would use it).

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