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Compilation question; Test-write terminates unexpectedly

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From reading the help, it seems that assembling a compilation for a data CD-R merely creates a plan of the file hierarchy to be burned onto disc. Since it took a long time for the dragging of a file tree to the compilation area to finish, I looked around my hard drive to see if there might be an temporary storage area that the files are copied to -- perhaps the copying was keeping the program busy. I couldn't find an area on the hard drive that the files are copied to, at least while assembling the compilation; so I assumed that such copying was not done. Is this correct?

Assuming it is, I concluded that there should be a phase in CD write process that checks all the files in the compilation to ensure that they are still present on the hard drive, and of the size as specified in the compilation. I guessed that this was part of the function of the test-write setting. Indeed, a test-write reported files that were named in the compilation but not present on the hard drive, and removed the filename from the compilation. I tried to check what the action would be if the file on the hard drive was present, but merely changed sizes. When I started a test-write, CDBurnerXP terminated. This happens repeatedly if I start up CDBurnerXP again. After termination, there was no hint of the process in the task manager (though a process nmsaccess did exist -- according to google, this allows nonadministrators to access the CD drive). Thanks for any suggestions on how to resolve this problem I'm encountering in test-write (for the purpose of checking the files before writing).

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