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Compliments & little Question

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Guest Blue-Tiger

Hi there!

First of all i just wanted to say "really good work, i really like CDBXPP!!!". I switched today from Nero 7, because it wouldn't let me burn anymore, allways giving me "TRF connection failed" errors.... I already thought my drive got damaged or something... but with CDBXPP it works like a charm... and in fact it seems to have all the features I ever needed from a CD-Burner program. :)


Now, what i'd like to ask: have you guys considered open-sourcing your program? The world really is missing a OSS CD-burner app for windows, and CDBXPP would seem to be perfect to fill that gap. Besides I'm sure you all already know of the advantages that might bring to the development.

(I'm sorry if that question has already been answered somewhere, as I am not registered in this forum i cannot use the search-function, and didn't see it in the FAQ, so....)

Well anyways, keep up the good work :)

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