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Vote: Most used features

Which feature of CDBurnerXP (3.0.116) do you use most?  

63 members have voted

  1. 1. Which feature of CDBurnerXP (3.0.116) do you use most?

    • data burning (no multisession)
    • data burning (with multisession)
    • audio burning (*data* discs with mp3s files are no audio discs)
    • audio ripper
    • MP3 tag editor
    • ISO creation/burning
    • Other

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Only thing I am missing in this great app is support for cue files when burning an audio cd. Very usefull for mix albums

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would be nice to add a feature so you can instantly copy a CD. Or create an ISO image from a current CD e.t.c.

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Guest Dinny

same as donwmdmd, used adaptec ( audio cd's without gaps en klicks between songs ) then stepped to nero ( easy layout ) but now to much stuff in it. and now cdburner ( back to basics :) ) only for cd-text, dl,& cue files I depend on others.

Great app CDburnerXP :wink:

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Hi there! I really appreciate your software and take advantage of that opportunity to express my gratitude!

Yeah there are still a couple of Neros features that I miss. One of it would be the limited image file burning - eg cue-sheet burning.

Another one would be the possibility to copy entire CDs/DVDs - and if possible, overreide protections like CloneDVD / CloneCD would do it.


Best regards and thanks again! Urs.

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this burner is nearly perfect. all it needs is a cd copying feature. As for me, I use the iso burning most. cdburnerxp pro is the only burner that has burned isos for me perfectly so far.

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Well, I didn't find in the poll the most frequent usage for me, which is Video DVD burning. CDBXPP is the fastest Video DVD burner and it works very well with all movies I have copied from my hard disc to a DVD! I simply choose the VIDEO_TS folder from my hard disc, I check the "close disc" option and within about 10 minutes the DVD is OK and works! Deep Burner (free version) also works very well, but it's much more slower when burning DVDs (although it's fast on CDRs). Sometimes (not often) burning is not possible, so I use Deep burner or ImgTool+ImgBurn.

Audio CD ripping is also excellent: this software ripped for me many original audio CDs that other software couldn's read at all... But I think the GUI had to be more user friendly. For me is OK, but when I proposed CDBXPP to some friends, they stucked, as they used other much more friendly software (like Express rip) which offer all rip procedure in ONE screen and there were no tabs etc. (EDIT: I just downloaded v.3.5 alpha and I see audio ripping is well re-designed, with a nice CD player included!!:) )

Audio CD burning doesn't exist for me, since all my attempts to burn audio CD have failed... I read that the new version will burn audio CDs, that will be good!!:)

Maybe this is surprising for many of you, but Data burning doesn't work well for me :( because there is not unicode support (when I choose a text file named with the characters of my language -greek- CDBXPP doesn't recognize them and after burning the CD, the file name characters are... chinese!!!)

I also think (not sure) that I had some problems with long file name support (maybe when I choose a file with a long filename, the name is not proposed to be shrinked, like Nero or Deep Burner do). So for data burning I prefer Deep Burner, which is fine with unicode support and always proposes invalid long file name changes.


1. Unicode - Long fine name support for data CD/DVD burn

2. Reliable audio CD burning from mp3-wma-wav-ogg files (I read it will be available on the next version)

3. CD to CD copy (data or audio, I read it will be available on the next version)

4. DVD to DVD copy (OK, not for protected movie DVDs, but it's a shame for the home users not to have a good freeware program to achieve easily a DVD-to-DVD copy of their family movies. No freeware offers a reliable DVD-copy on-the-fly.)

5. It will be also very useful for me to create a ISO file from a CD/DVD/folder and then burn this at once (something like DVDShrink's "Create ISO and burn with DVDdecrypter" option). By this way I burn the CD/DVD in ONE movement and the ISO file remains on my hard disc and I can burn it quickly several times to a CD/DVD.

6. Another GREAT feature for DVD movies would be an option like this: "Decrypt with DVD Fab Decrypter - Create ISO - and burn"!!! By this way it will be possible a DVD copy with one only command. Now, when I buy a DVD movie and want to make a legal personal back-up using only freeware tools, I have to decrypt it with DVD Fab Decrypter and then burn it with CDBXPP or use DVD Shrink ot make a DVD9->DVD5 transform and then burn (or simply burn using DVD Shrink's "make ISO and Burn with DVD Decrypter" option). But I assume there will be legal problems for this in several countries, so I don't insist...

I thought this very good software would have the chance of DVD Shrink, which has stopped to be developed, so I am very happy with this update! I think next final version will be great! Thank you for this important free offer to all computer users. Keep good work! :wink:

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Although I'm sure all the tools are there & they work the helpfile is something I feel confused with. Specially when I wanna do some ISO burning or add stuff to an iso. How do I do that? The helpfile is latin to me when it tries to tell stuff. Maybe either some animation on the site or some graphics or something which can tell the same in a better way. What if I burn a Live CD & then later I wanna add stuff in the remaining CD. Do I have to do something different to see that the bootable area is not at all written over. Most of the Live CD's are knoppix or debian-based ones. Looking forward to u'r replies. Thanx in advance.

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Guest Moi

I don't know if you're still asking me (or others) to vote about the usage, but better one unnecessary vote rather than no vote.

I use cdbxpp for single session databurning, mostly on CD for imaging and on DVD for backup purposes. From time to time I make a copy of a favourite music CD for usage in the car.

What I appreciate in the app is the that it is real burnersoftware and not an application to create your own beer-mat's ;-)))

The only problem I have is burning DVD's with a NEC 3940A burner with verification. That takes a lot of time, so I start burning and than go for dinner. After the cognac I cancel the verification and I have a marvellous DVD without errors. Grin.

I introduced CDBXPP in one of the user groups (a usergroup with 35.000 members) of the Dutch computerclub HCC, and within a few weeks it became the 'standard'.

So thanks a lot!

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