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  1. i have three computers all with different drive and the lastest cdburnerxp doesnt recognize any of them in recorder device information say no campatable drives.. used neroburn rights deleted the upper filter one computer has windows xp and the other two have vista i tried the troubleshooting and still cant use cdburnerxp
  2. i did read it and took it as there is a tutorial but i cant find it.. so as im assuming by your responce there isnt an article to read?
  3. wheres the tutorial on burning Video-DVDs, i cant locate it?
  4. has anyone else been able to download the new 2.2.9 version. mine seems to stop at about 200 kb and then finishes? thanks
  5. using data cd can and burning them as jpeg files on a cd-r and dvd-r? will jpeg files play on a dvd player whether i burn them on a cd-r or dvd-r? that must have been my problem before that i thought the photos had to be in the format of a vcd on a cd-r to play on a dvd player thanks
  6. would be a great extra feature though, although lots of work i tried it and couldnt get it to play on dvd player, i burned them as vcd and my dvd player plays vcd but wouldnt play the vcd burn .. as for making a dvd photo burn i dont know how to do that
  7. Set Audio CD properties like pre-gap and CD text . able to loop a tune, i dont see it in audio editor
  8. able to make titles and chapters on a dvd burned disc like they have on other dvd software? also make burning family photos onto dvd to view in dvd player. able to make vcd and/or svcd or atleast put a vcd/svcd button and be able to rip on the fly instead on downloading tmpeg which the latest version isnt free anymore? thanks
  9. hey thanks do you know when the next version will be out? is it on a fast track because of this error? thanks
  10. i tried to add an avatar , it was a .gif file and under 80-80 and under 49 kb but still got this meessage, whats it mean and how to i get my avatar in? Warning: move_uploaded_file(./images/avatars/210111775240b8e6c921316.gif): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/c/cdburner/www/forum/includes/usercp_avatar.php on line 227 Warning: move_uploaded_file(): Unable to move '/tmp/phpeK4x0i' to './images/avatars/210111775240b8e6c921316.gif' in /home/c/cdburner/www/forum/includes/usercp_avatar.php on line 227 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/c/cdburner/www/forum/includes/usercp_avatar.php:227) in /home/c/cdburner/www/forum/includes/page_header.php on line 474 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/c/cdburner/www/forum/includes/usercp_avatar.php:227) in /home/c/cdburner/www/forum/includes/page_header.php on line 476 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/c/cdburner/www/forum/includes/usercp_avatar.php:227) in /home/c/cdburner/www/forum/includes/page_header.php on line 477
  11. is there a fix for 380 error i keep getting it after i click on audio CD? is there a workaround? if i hit ignore to the error will it still burn a CD correctly? thanks
  12. two preferences right off the bat, id want to change or disable the splash screen when you open cd/dvd burner. the cd/dvd professional xp screen with the version number on it. second i would want to get rid of the exit screen that asks you do you want to exit or cancel after you already x'ed out of cddvd burner
  13. put some options or preferences section somewhere in CD/DVD burner. there is no option section to customise cd/dvd burner to what i wont the settings to be at.. on probably all programs there is a preferences/ option section
  14. do I have to tell the administrator of the forum or is there an option for everyone to turn it on somewhere on the forum page ??
  15. where is the output option i cant find it??? thanks
  16. well tell them to turn on the email otification
  17. is there a way to change the bit rate of and mp3. if you have a low bit rate of a tune say 112 or 128, is there an oprion to change it ti 192 or higher ? i can seem to find where to do that??
  18. how come when i add music files to the audio cd layout. it doesnt show me the time the tracks use up amd that the bar graph ont the bottom from 0 to 90 minute doesnt register any number of track use??? the total disc time still reads 00:00:00 when i have several music files in the space on the bottom why?
  19. cant find how to be notified by email when i get a responce from my post.. i read the FAG'S and can fing the my subscriptions at the top of each page thanks
  20. well first of all when i x out of cd/dvd burner xp, i get the pop up exit cd/dvd burner xp pro , exit of cancel. i want to know how not to have to go thru that extra step. when i x out of cd/dvd buner i would like it to exit without the pop up poppin up and asking me again..
  21. i cant find where the preferences are/ are there option to set? thanks
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