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GUI feature request

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Guest gewe

It would be nice to have accelerator keys in the menu. Now only the top level entries have an accelerator key. It would make keyboard navigation a lot faster.

It would also be nice to have a menubar before opening or starting a new compilation. In that case the popup window which asks for the type of compilation could be optional. Or at least make it useable with the keyboard. And let pressing Esc close it, like normal dialog behaviour.

And why :x does CDBurnerXP always maximize its window? I don't use it maximized, so the next time I start it, I don't expect a maximized window. This "always maximize" feature is terribly annoying (almost enough to quit using it), so I would be glad to see it removed.

This is all not intended as flame. In my opinion these points would make CDBurnerXP behave more like a Windows application (and it is that more or less standard GUI behaviour that is part of the success of graphical desktops). For me, it would make CDBurnerXP a better, more useable, nice to work with, application.

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Guest gewe

Sorry, should have looked at the options before posting :oops:

Just noticed the "Start with the main window maximized" option... :)

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