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Error code 1706

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I am using a Dell 8200 system with a fully patched version of Win XP home. I am also using third party firewall, virus detection and worm control. The processor speed is about 1.8 ghz. The CD-RW drive is a NEC 7800. I don't want to use WMA formats but I did go ahead and install the recommended Media Player 9 dll(wmfdist.exe).

I like the potential of CD Burner 2.1.8 but I have a variety of issues. Most recently when I try to run the program (I downloaded a new copy today) I get this error message:

"Error 1706. No valid source could be found for product "Backup Dell Installed Programs" The windows installed cannot continue."

the suggested file is Dellbckp.msi

This is after I have already installed the program.

I have used Dell computers for a number of years and I have not seen this request for a long time. Dell provides reinstallation CDs for all software they install.

If I have tried to copy music (.wav format)from the hard drive to a CD. The process always stops at 62 percent completion and tries to finalize the CD even if I do not have that option selected.

Help please.

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I have resolved this problem by

1. Uninstalling CDBurner pro 2.1.8 and cleaning the XP registry

2. Finally finding and installing a copy of Dellbckp.msi

3. Downloading and installing a new copy of wmfdist.exe

4. Downloading and installing the provided MS Visual Basic runtime file

5. Reinstalling CDBurner pro 2.1.8

Everything works fine now except my .wav file is recorded on the Cd as a .cda file. Any thoughts on this? Where can I find information on the supported audio formats and how to use them with this program?

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