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My first post for this forum.

At the moment I am very tired confused and happy. I would take all week to explain the last few months in trying to get my films from my HD on to cd and get them to play without jumping, sticking or losing audio'

I have used Nero, Alcohol120% and a few others and had many sleepless nights trying to work out codecs etc and mpegs etc and then I stumbled on XP Pro. Today I tried it for the first time and have put 6 videos onto cd and they all play brilliantly!

I even put an avi formatted video onto cd and popped it into the dvd player, not expecting it to work because it never has before, and it just played!?!!!!!

I haven't tried to use it for audio yet, I have been using Nero for that because I have found that the cd discs will play on any stand alone player. I wonder does XP Pro do this?

Thanks for the great burner and I will spend more time here in future!

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Great that CDBXPP works for you better than other programs :)

Yes, CDBXPP can burn audio-CDs that can be played on any stanrdard CD-Player. You can also burn mp3-CDs (see helpfile), mp3-player (also DVD players should work) needed.

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Guest Xp is Brilliant!

I just read my posting. Being a posting junkie I just thought that I would also say this: I know it was a crap title for a posting but I really was happy about finding CBBXP. I don't know Stefan or anybody else here but I hope they live long and prosper - wince, that's as bad as the title :lol: - but take my word for it, so far it's the best free burner I have used!

I don't want to start the spyware debate again - so please don't respond to this thread if you want to make a point on that- but a lot of the points covered in that thread were over my head and I couldn't understand the concern; when I download a programme I then run it through avast!, CW Shredder, Spybot, Adaware, Spy Guard and then Reg Cleaner. I Did that with CBBXP and it came out clean as a whistle so I was happy to keep it installed.

I am sure that I will run into problems soon so I hope Flo and Stefan are as good at being patient and are good at explaining things in the most simple terms as they are at accepting praise! :D

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