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CDBXP thinks there's a full CD in the burner...

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...when there actually isn't.

I'm burning a bunch of data CD-Rs today. The first 3 went flawless. On the 4th one, it got all the way through the process, said 100% done, and when I went hit the "cancel" button like I always do to get back to the main screen, it *usually* opens my CD burner drive and returns me to my explorer window within the program but THIS time, it didn't spit my CD out, and I had to trigger the eject mechanism manually (with the paperclip in the pinhole) and the program still showed that there was a CD in the drive. I have closed and re-opened the program several times, as well as trying to right-click at the bottom (where I see that the space used vs space available meter is still stuck on the previous CD-R's 654.7MB) and clicking "refresh", but all to no avail. I apologize in advance, I'm fairly smart but computer illiterate (I was a computer science major before but that was about 10 yrs ago before switching to med school LOL). Any advice?? Thanks!

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