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How has your experience been with FreeDb?  

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  1. 1. How has your experience been with FreeDb?

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Why is it that I can put the first disk in of a series such as Time Life and the data base will find it, but it gets all confused trying to find the rest of the series and comes up with off the wall groups with song titles that include nonsense such as !?*%JB.

I am getting really tired of also having to rip one song at a time so that I am able to change the artist. When there is more than one artist on a disc, you should be able to define song track and each artist indepedently and still have it rip and be able to put the correct artist with the correct song when it saves the info without having to do it one at a time. As for the FreeDB Data base, quite simply it sucks. The is no way to up load corrections, add your cd when there is a conflict in the data to let the user decide which title they want to chose from. Some one has got to be feeding garbage into the data base for it to come up with some of the CRAP it keeps sending back!

Oh hell I just wasted A day and a Half Cause the damn thing won't let you rip the Track title with the artist into seperate columns like it will when you rip a whole disk a once when its by the same artist. That's it! I'm done and out of here. Wasted enough of my time. I'll just have to give nero another shot and see if I can get it to seperate out the artist and the track when it saves it to the hard drive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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