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Character Set = DOS

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Guest Advocas

In nero under ISO there is a setting called Character Set how do I configure this setting in CDBurnerXP, I want to set it to DOS.

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Guest Advocas

Not sure if you understood what I was asking, here is an explaination of the DOS character set from Nero

What characters are allowed for filenames in Nero?

The following characters are allowed:

Character set ISO9660:

'A', 'B', 'C',…, 'Z', '0', '1',…, '9', '_' (i.e. only capital letters, numbers and CD-Rs)

Character set DOS:

All characters which are also allowed by the DOS file system. The following signs are not allowed: Small letters, special symbols with ASCII Code <=32, DOS special symbols such as '.', ':', ';', '[', ']', '\', '/', '?', '"', '*', '<', '>', '|', ' ' (CD-Rs). In contrast, a large number of characters via ASCII Code 127 ('Ä', 'Ö', 'Ü',...) are allowed.

Important Note

Unfortunately DOS may not be able to read CDs with characters like these, as the sort sequence of such characters has not been defined anywhere and DOS drivers can only read from CDs with sorted file entries.

Character set ASCII:

Here small letters are also allowed. Files of this kind can not be opened by DOS! In contrast, characters with ASCII Code 127 or higher are not allowed.

Character set Joliet:

All characters are allowed, apart from the following: ':', ';', '?', '\', '/', '*', '<', '>', '"'

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