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New Version: 2.2.7

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The new version of CDBurnerXP Pro is released:

1. Added possibility to select the default project dir.

2. Changed the select drive combo boxes, and added icons.

3. Fixed the convert Wav to MP3 window so that open and saves shows correctly.

4. Fixed an error when canceling test write in the ISO Writer.

5. Fixed so that ISO writer open with the default project path.

6. Fixed installer so the file msvcr70.dll installs in the system dir.

7. Added an option to backup, and restore the option settings. This is useful if you want to restore the values after an uninstall.

8. Added a check when canceling a write, now you will get a question if it’s ok to cancel.

9. Fixed an error when there is no sound card available in the Audio Writer.

10. Fixed the convert MP3 to Wav window so that open and saves shows correctly.

11. The size meter will now work without any CD or DVD in the drive.

12. Fixed an error in the size bar when adding small files.

13. The ISO converter can now handle big .bin files and convert them to .iso.

14. Corrected an issue when trying to convert small .nrg files.

15. Added the possibility to enable and disable automatic speed detection from the options dialog.

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tried 2.2.4 but returned to older version-both work(great prog guys) its just that lots of important tabs/buttons are off the edge of the screen!-based in u.k & lots of sites,including my honepage and ISP are in 8x6-can"t adapt to 1024! :?

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Guest chester_ting88

I'd like to get the newest version but the file is just too big, i have a very slow internet connection and downloading such a large (15 Meg i think ?) file takes days so i recently downloaded 2.2.5 because it had so many benefits over 2.2.4 and it was a must, but im going to have to wait for a while to download the next version, or download costs will kill me... is there anyway u can possibly make the file download smaller.. compressing it? I made a topic on it a while back and a girl said it would have to be done in patches, but isnt worth it.. :(

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Patches are difficult...the only thing we can and will to is zipping the exe files, that takes away 1 or 2 MB. At the moment there is no such mirror active, I'll let you know as soon as one is ready.

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Guest WolfgangE

Frage an Flo:

Ist eine deutsche Version vorhanden bzw. eine Übersetzung?

Gruß Wolfgang :?:

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Nein, noch nicht. Aber irgendwann in Zukunft, hoffentlich bald, wird es eine übersetzbare Version von CDBXPP geben (die dann von mir und anderen in verschiedene Sprachen übersetz wird).

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