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My "No Compatible Drives Found" fix...

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When I installed CDBurnerXP to my system it could not find any compatible drives. The system was rebooted after the install as well. But then I noticed a funny thing: there were NO cd-drives in My Computer!.. When I examined the drives in the Device Manager they showed up as "drivers loaded but no hardware found".

So I deleted BOTH drives from the device manager and then scanned for hardware changes. The device manager then found both drives and automatically set them up for the system.

I went back to CDBurnerXP and this time it was able to find both of my drives.

Because my drives were working before I installed CDBurnerXP, I think that the drives disappering was somehow caused by CDBxp upon install. Anyhow, the next step is to see how well it actually burns to disc...

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I had same prob but all i did was go to device manager and right click on my drive and scan for hardware changes and it then worked all ok.

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Thanks for the idea but this solution did NOT work for me - I am using a Sony CDRW CRX215E5 with the 'no compatible drives found' error.

It feels like there's some kind of whitelist for drives so I went looking around for one - I saw NCTWMAProfiles.prx which seems to be for audio/video formats but it doesn't appear to have anything to do with the basic hardware definition

Does anyone know how to get CDXPPro to play nicely via a hack or emulation - maybe to the PRX or similar?


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