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Guest Steve Rabun

Maybe Windows Media Player is my problem

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Guest Steve Rabun

First time user here, trying to burn an audio CD from my music collection that was created and managed with Windows Media Player. All my files have the wma extension. The operating system on my desktop computer is XP. I don't try any "advanced settings", because I have no real training in computers.

A year ago, I burned audio CDs (and data CDs) using RecordNow, no problem. But this week, trying to burn an audio CD, RecordNow proved to be nonfunctional for me. Never really happy with RecordNow, I went looking for the latest-greatest alternative and chose CDBurnerXP. I downloaded and ran Version on Dec 13. I can compile files for a data CD burn, but under the audio CD option, I can't get any file or folder into the compilation window, either with "add" or "drag and drop". Error message says "The audio file has an invalid format" and confirms that all the files I try end in .wma. I let it rest for a coupla days after my initial difficulties, then looked through ALL the help files, FAQs, and read hopeful posts under forum. But, today I've concluded that I'll never figure it out myself, so am hoping y'all can give me some leads.

I had taken the advice on your website to get a recent upgrade of Windows Media Player before downloading CDBurnerXP, and version 10 (11?) seemed to download and run OK.

RecordNow and CDBurnerXP now both work with data files, but neither work with audio files. Duh, maybe the problem is Windows Media Player. But what IS the problem?

Since the last successful burn for audio CD, I moved residences in August and acknowledge a minor gliche concerning the interaction of the standby energy setting on my computer and my battery backup software. Maybe something about the move has also affected Windows Media Player (?). But I upgraded Windows Media Player AFTER the move, so that should have cleaned out the old version, right? Any advice?

You volunteer gurus are providing a wonderful service to folks like me.



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