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feat request: a way to control file order on the CD

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My mp3 player play the mp3 files in order as they are on the CD. As I found out, the CDBurnerXP write them in alphabetical order. The result: My mp3 player play them in the folowing order:

Opera Part 1

Opera Part 10

Opera Part 11

Opera Part 12


Opera Part 19

Opera Part 2

Opera Part 20

Opera Part 21

Opera Part 22


Opera Part 29

Opera Part 3

Opera Part 30

Opera Part 31

Opera Part 4

Opera Part 5


Opera Part 9

which is really annoying (and I do not want to change the filenames like Part 01 instead of Part 1)

I would need a feature like the one that I saw on a program called WinOnCD -the user can choose the order of the files on the CD.

If that is not possible then (give me another option) do not sort them by name: write them on the CD in the order they were added (directories and files) !

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