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Why is NMSAccess.exe keen on upgrading

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Hi there,

NMSAcess.exe seems keen to upgrade or take bandwidth each time I'm there on the Internet. What is this downloading? After probing around came to know that it's a resident program linked with cdbxp pro . Can u guys help me out here? Thanx in advance.

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I too wonder why this is running in the background. I put it in Google and it seems this exe is used by other programs too (Cheetah). Anyway if it's spyware and what it's doing exactly I'll report back.

Edit: Found this:

NMSAccess is required if you use cdburner xp. it is the resident service component that allows any user and not just administraator to burn CDs.

So in clear: If you have administrator rights end it. If not and you want someone else that does NOT have administrator rights use the CDBurner program: leave it

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Guest blausand

OK, before this thread gets too long:

May I ask the Author's kind reaction, to the User's Concerns about NMSAccess.exe:

EVERYBODY wants to know about anything that's listed in the taskmanager, man.

If for the function of a Software it is necessary to have additional Ressource-Eaters, especially services and code that will be running ALL THE TIME from the date of installation,


- this should be mentioned BEFORE Installation,

(preferably before download!)

- if applicable (as is here), the component(s) should be made OPTIONAL.

Additional annoyance came up when I could not find NMSAccess.exe in the classical Startup Directories and HKLM/.../CurrentVersion/RUN or HKCU/../CurrentVersion/RUN in order to remove it.

If I were the Author,

I was engaged in giving some information about additional CPU and RAM loads.

Greets from Germany,

just meant to be constructive!


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Well, actually you can decide whether or not to install this service during setup. I'm not sure if this was already possible in 3.0.116, but any later version (thus the upcoming one too) has this option.

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Well OK but maybe it should be mentioned during install that this particular service with that name will be running. I've reinstalled CDBXP and by error activated it. It's only consuming some 100Kb so that's no big deal. Can I safely disable it permanent (Start > Run > services.msc > NMSaccess or will it come back. ? Will the program still work OK ? I have admin rights but am not logged in as admin which is in fact my second login that I rarely use.

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