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Joliet & Iso levels

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First of all I would like to thank you and congratulate about your excellent and free software! Very good work!

Sorry if my english is not very good... :oops:

And now my "problem": When I was using nero, I used to burn CD with joliet option and Iso level 2 checked.

In CDBurnerXP Pro, When I make a Joliet CD, I could not choose whether it is a level 1 or 2 Iso Cdrom.

In fact, my real problem is that I would like to have a readable CD on any computer (mainly windows) and in my MP3 cd player (in the car).

For example, if in nero I choose the Joliet + Iso level 2 option, the directories and files are like that under windows and in my car:

original directory name: "blablabla - blablabla"

- computer: "blablabla - blablabla" => OK


this was good for me.

Now, under CDBXPPro with joliet checked I have:

- computer: "blablabla - blablabla" => OK

- car: "BLABLA~1" => NOK

with ISO level 2 checked:

- computer: "BLABLABLA___BLABLABLA" => NOK


And for information but unuseful: with ISO level 1 checked:

- computer: "BLABLA~1" => NOK

- car: "BLABLA~1" => NOK

So the real question is: How could I have the result I wish? or is it planned to make this possible?

I don't really know the differences between these options. When I make a cd with joliet checked, I suppose the iso level used by default is the level 1 (8+3) , isn't it possible to modify this with an option?

Thanks for your answer.


PS: If you plan to translate your software and need help for the french language, you could email me :)

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Hm, I think this is a problem that will be solved with next burning engine of CDBXPP. You can also find further information about the standards on FAQ-page.

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