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Multi-language version of CDBurnerXP Pro?

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Since you are asking this question again and again, here the information I can give you:

1) There is no multilanguage version (that means another language than English) yet

2) There will be multilanguage support very soon, most likely with next beta :)

If you are interested in translating, let us know your email adresses here :) (or sign up in forum).

*Update* The multilanguage version will be available with next release (ver. 3.5).

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Can't remeber deleting any message. However, you don't have to write us an email already and there is currently NO file you could translate.

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Guest Colok

No, no, it's true. It's your robot's mail !

Look :

----- Original Message -----

From: "Stefan Haglund"

Sent: Friday, June 18, 2004 11:47 AM

Subject: Not read: Translation in french by colok

> Your message


> To: stha64@telia.com

> Subject: Translation in french by colok

> Sent: 2004-06-18 09:59


> was deleted on 2004-06-18 10:42.

I start to translate the exe's file !


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They don't work... :wink2:

Exe file of program was compressed? If yes than it can be uncopressed ;)

Anyway you can't hide all resorces of program ;)

...but if you are Davyd Coperfild it is possible :)

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Then tell me how to do if you think there is a way ;-)

Hmmm... I have access to resources of 11 files which include interface text strings (in Restorator).

I haven't time for more experiments. Now I translate programs only in text files. Translation of resources and creation of patches remained in the past. :P

Possibly Colok knows more effective method of translation resource files of CDburnerXP?!?

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Guest Colok

I've finish the translation ! And i put it on my site Monday !

I work with VisualBasic !



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Guest Colok

I send it at the coder Stefan Haglund:

Dear Sir

Let me introduce myself : my name is Colok. I make french translations of English programs . I make these translations SINCE 3 years

I don't need neither return, nor money, I make it only to give to french community who don't speak english the possibility of using your great soft.

I have make other translations of these programs: Acid pro 4, Poser 3. 4 and 5, ZoneAlarm pro 4, IMSecure,GX:transcoder,Anfy 3,ZoomPLayer 3.3 official and some others less known . You can see my work on different website : http://www.traductionfrancaise.fr.st (mine) and http://www.toutfr.com (huge community)

I translate your programm CDBurnerXP 2.2.8 in french and i make a patch to translate it in french. I put it on my site monday .

CDBurnerXP 2.2.8 I hope you'll accept this translation and perhaps officialize it

Thank you beforhand



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