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audio drops, inconsistent file sizes

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Hi All!

P4 at 3.33, Toshi P35 notebook, Matsushita DVD-RAM UJ-820S (as reported in Device Manager,) 2G RAM, XP Home with all the updates, and current 3.0.116 CDBXP

I -occasionally- get good audio rips, but not always, causing audio to drop/skip. I've gone as far as safe mode with -nothing- else running. I do several rips, copying file sets to a temporary subdir after each rip to compare file sizes. Only about half the time can I get two rips in a row with the same file size.

What're the common clues to getting *consistent* rips?

Added later...

Been doing some readong on the net about rips. It *is* totally possible to get slight variations in file sizes. Something to do with exactly where the read -starts-.

So I guess the Q then becomes how do I know if a rip is 'good enough?'

Or, Is there a way to compare two binary files returning -where- file differences are? Because if at the beginning, ignore it, or if 'somewhere else' it'll cause an audio error when burnt.

I'm trying to work out a technique/procedure that 'works.' I've burnt CDs in the past that had a couple of missing notes that are very annoying. But that was before going to the 'full minimalist safe mode' setup and maybe that -should- be good enough.

Thanks much. Have a :) day!


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