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Playproblem on my DVD player...

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Hey folks,

When I burn files (XviD) to a blank disc my DVD player has problems

playing it, well... not problems b/c it works but it sounds like my DVD

is doing a sweep of the disc 3-4 times before something happens...

it dosen't sound healthy for my DVD when it sweeps the disc like that.

When I burn with Nero for example it does one (1) sweep of the

disc and thats it, so... anyone else got the same problem?

Don't think it's the burner, it works with Nero...

Anyway, burner: NEC 3540A and DVD: Pioneer DV-380


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Hi again, still have the same problem.

Is it only me with this problem or what?

Anyone who can help me, might be the lead-in/lead-out...?

Still works with Nero but it would be great if I could remove

it and use CDBurnerXP instead, as before... it sounds "bad"

when my DVD-player checks the disc... anyone?

By the way, have tried with another burner, same problem...

have tried the discs in another DVD-player, same problem.

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