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comp. processed jpgs recorded CD/DVD. viewed on TV

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I have a problem with creating slideshows using Nero and PixPlay. I have carried on a dialog with both Nero and PixPlay, neither has came up with a solution.

MY PROBLEM: Every summer for the past 4 years my wife and I have spent 4 to 5 weeks visiting every state capitol in the lower 48 states, using my digital camera taking pictures of us in front of each capitol. When home I work with each image as necessary using Jasc Paint Shop Pro version 9. (the new version 10 by corel/jasc is buggy). Using PSP ver. 9 I add text to each image to desdribe the image, most of the time this text is next to the upper edge or lower edge of the image. Using either one of the programs listed above to create a CD or DVD the images displayed on my TV from the DVD player have been expanded enough to remove 1 to two lines of text at the top and bottom of the image. To prove the point that the images were expanded I created a slide show with text running horizontaly and vertically with the text touching each side of the image. Then burned them to a CD then the next one to a DVD. This short slide show again removed the first 1 or 2 letters at image edges. I played all the CD's and DVD's on several TV/DVD players new and old with the same results.

Both Nero and PixPlay says it is the TV/DVD player problem. The images look great and show no problems when test viewed within the programs on the computer. This problem only appears when viewed on the TV.

Could the problem be the fact that there is more lines of horizonatl scan on a monitor versus the 525 horizontal lines on a TV, this it seams to me this could expand the images.

The various slide shows I have created I have used resolutions from 2900 x 2175 pixels wide to 640 x 480 with the same results. Each image had a dots per inch of 175.

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