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What just happened?

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OK First, let me explain what I have done.

I have been using CD XP Burner Pro for a while, and now all of my data cds are made with it. All of the files were zip files with the exception of a few 'Cryptext' encrypted files which use the .$#! extension.

Recently I reinstalled WindowsXP Pro, but this time I chose to install on a fat32 partition, as I got tired of the NTFS partition related errors.

Today, I downloaded CD XP Burner Pro, cdbxp_setup_3.0.116.zip, and installed it.

I wanted to delete a file off of one of my cds and so I did. I right cliked on the file and removed it, then burned the cd without finalizing it.

The problem is, everything on the cd was converted to short file names using only capital letters, and my encrypted files were converted from .$#! to .___

Luckily I remembered the extensions for the encrypted files. :-)

I am able to restore the cd just fine, but I would like to know why did this happen?, and will it happen to all of my cds if I try to edit them?.

Should I have backed up my cd first, before using CD XP Burner Pro?

Or is it better to backup the cd first, erase the cd entirely, then burn the backed up material?

At the moment I am backing up the rest of my cds to my hard drive, just in case.

Any Ideas?


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It's me again,

I was just thinking about the problem with the short file name conversions, when I edited my CD. It must be that when I load a cd into CD XP Burner Pro, the contents of the cd might be cached into a temp folder using short file names and not the original file names. I don't see why it would do that in the first place, or not even convert it back, and also, this is the first occurance of it ever happening while editing a cd. Maybe it happened because the original cd's were created on a ntfs volume, nah... that doesn't make much of any sense, or does it?

anyways, your replies or theories are welcome,

as I'm still trying to figure out a way to edit all of my cds without always having to back them up first.


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