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Guest Me

How's about making CDB-XP Pro portable?...

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Guest Me

The thread title sez it all.

What are the possibilities, folks, of y'all coming up with a version of CDBXPP that is "portable"?...

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, portable software is growing in popularity with the popularity of USB flash drives and such. Simply, it's software that can be burned onto a CD or transferred to a flash drive, and taken with you to use on any computer you choose. It mostly consists of freeware (like CDBXPP)/Open Source software - some great examples of free portable app ports are:







NVU (Web Editor)



FileZilla (FTP client)

uTorrent (bittorrent client)

DeepBurner (CDBXPP competitio!r)

And many more too numerous to list here.

Anyway, it requires no installation onto the "guest" PC it's used on, although in order to get it in working order, many such apps require a single installlation onto the host PC BEFORE putting it onto your flashdrive or burning to CD (and in most such cases, after that first installation, it can simply be copied to another folder and then the original install UNinstalled).

For more details and some great examples of other portable software, check out these places:



So anyway, guys, whattaya think? Are U game? Are you up for the challenge?

Looking fwd to responses on this...

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Guest Me

Well, I think currently we are not. But once a new version is released, this may change ;)

Well, given that the next versions are going to be for ".NET", how is that do-able?...

I mean, I'm not a programmer, but it seems like the best way to make any app portable is to use the simplest available version of the proggy to work with. And, if only a .NET version is made portable, it won't be all that, er...."portable", since it likely would require the machine it's used on to have.NET enabled - and no one I know personally cares that much for .NET in the first place.

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Guest mepn

Portable software is for enterprise people like me a must have. Please consider that we have all our PC's at home but only a few of us are Administrators at work.

CDBurnerXP Portable...sounds nice :-)



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Guest amiganostalgia

If i could do magic, all of my software were portable.

Regardless if even such a thing as portable devices existed.

The reason why i would have my programs portable, with preferrable easy updating,

is that i simply would not have to re-install them again, and again, and again, and again.

What it all comes down to is Windows. Having my favourite programs forever.

FOREVER. No loss of settings, configurations, customized tools or looks or whatever it may be.The thing is that todays modern OS have either multiple spanned configuration files or also take into account centralized registrys. Like windows registry. Which causes systems to be bloated in time.

Here the other day, there were some thunder and lightning, literally, and the pc crashed and restarted a few times.

The Registry size changed to less then 1Mb. But everything worked, all apps worked afterwards.. I wonder how the hell that could happen. Knowing that it was about 80MB before. Go figure.

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Also, thanks for supporting

Make Disk Bootable

Emulation Type: Floppy2_88MB

This really helps in using the superb free NwDsk

32-bit Client Ultimate NwDsk (2.8MB floppy image

that detects and boots with most every network card/interface)

that is an invaluable tool/lifesaver for network administrators.


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