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  1. Hey Ledyba, Please don't take it personnally ! Especiially sinc eyou're not the developper of CDBurnXP. You have to realize that keeping an eye on what may be going on, and asking questions is a safe practice when you deal with computers and software. Having a program that stubbornly re-install file transfer information -even after you removed the feature from the register files ...obviously look suspicious; Don't you think so ? Clapi your S/W angel
  2. Hey, Further investigations at the assembly level (specialist know-how of course !) shows that all ingredients are here to initiate file transfer ... So ... Sorry to say, the users should get some explaination from the developpers: WHAT IS GOING ON ????? Have a look at the following extracted code : aDestinationfil: ,0 off_6799FBD8 dd offset aServeraddress ; DATA XREF: sub_67979CF0+88r dd offset iidInterface dd offset aServerport ; "ServerPort" db 67h ; g dd offset iidInterface dd offset aUsername ; "UserName" db 64h ; d dd offset iidInterface dd offset aPassword ; "Password" db 65h ; e dd offset iidInterface dd offset aDestinationfil ; "DestinationFilename" dd offset aRepresentation ; "RepresentationType" db 95h ; • db 1 ; dd offset iidInterface dd offset aPassivemode ; "PassiveMode" db 30h ; 0 db 1 ; dd offset iidInterface dd offset aFirewalltype ; "FirewallType" dd offset iidInterface dd offset aFirewalladdres ; "FirewallAddress" db 0F5h ; õ db 1 ; dd offset iidInterface dd offset aFirewallport ; "FirewallPort" db 0F6h ; ö db 1 ; dd offset iidInterface dd offset aFirewalluser ; "FirewallUser" db 0F7h ; ÷ db 1 ; dd offset iidInterface dd offset aFirewallpasswo ; "FirewallPassword" db 0F8h ; ø db 1 ; dd offset iidInterface dd offset aLocaldataaddre ; "LocalDataAddress" db 2Ch ; , db 1 ; dd offset iidInterface dd offset iidInterface dd offset aAccountname ; "AccountName" db 69h ; i dd offset iidInterface dd offset aAllocatestorag ; "AllocateStorage" db 90h ;
  3. By the way, don't take me wrong : it is not a matter of trusting you or not especially since you're not the developper of the software !! Here it is simply a way to understand what may be going on in our back without being informed ... Call this paranoia if you want, but my experience has shown so far that with software (especially free software) you can expect a lot of funny tricks ... Clapi your S/W angel
  5. Let's do one thing since you're not the developper. Have you noticed a file named XceedFTP.dll in your c:/programs/CDBurnerXP/ folder ?? Do you know what this one is used for ??? Let me tell you: FTP Transfers !!!! Introduction Current Version : 1.1 Reach out and talk to an FTP server The Xceed FTP Library is a software component that provides developers with a host of useful functions for sending, receiving and manipulating files on a remote FTP server via the FTP protocol. The FTP protocol The FTP protocol is a relatively simple protocol that allows access to a remote file system in a standard way. It offers commands for manipulating and navigating remote directories, manipulating remote files (rename, delete, etc.), and transferring files. It is designed to be used interactively by human users as well as by automated processes. FTP is the de facto protocol used for transferring files on the Internet. Huge public software archives use FTP. Many organisations use FTP as a means to transfer data files between offices. Software companies often provide updates via an FTP server. Even with the emergence of HTTP, used to fetch files from a server, FTP is still widely used. FTP support The Xceed FTP Library provides access to the complete functionality of the FTP protocol and is firewall friendly. Optimized The Xceed FTP Library is the only library that takes full advantage of the Winsock-2 networking API, including taking advantage of overlapped I/O and using I/O completion ports when running on Windows NT/2K/XP. The FTP Library's I/O engine is based on the highly-optimized Xceed Winsock Library which means low processor overhead for your transfers. Simplicity at its best The Xceed FTP Library is designed to offer maximum flexibility and features while being the easiest to use product of its kind. Sending and receiving one or more files can be accomplished with only a single line of code. Adding a few extra lines will allow developers to accomplish everything else - even to build a full-featured FTP client (like "CuteFTP" or "WS-FTP") if they want to. A sample FTP client with fully commented source code is included with the library, along with many other samples in various languages. Clapi your S/W angel
  6. OK, Assuming there is no spyware ... in this case why does CDBurner Pro modify the register with all this **** that is then recognized as Spyware ??? By the way, are you the developper of this software ? Clapi your S/W angel
  7. Why don't you have a look manually at your register ??? And then ask yourself why does CDBurnerXP install this stuff if this is of no use ???? I'm just asking .... You may then think twice ! Having said this, I do maintain that CDBurnerXP is an excellent software and the programmers are top notch. I'm only disapointed about hiding the complete story to the users. That's all. Clapi your S/W angel
  8. Group: Bingofun.com Vendor Notes: From the web site: 'The area below the Game Info Bar displays different ads that might be of interest to you. If you want to visit the site, simply click on the banner. Your browser will automatically jump to the linked site. If you are playing, the ad banner might display in a box next to the games bingo cards. If you are not playing, the ad banner is large covering the area of the cards.' Category: Adware: Software that brings ads to your computer. Such ads may or may not be targeted, but are "injected" and/or popup, and are not merely displayed within the form of an ad-sponsored application. Similar Pests: Adware Origins Group: Bingofun.com Date of Origin: January, 2003 Distribution Prevalence: BingoFun Games: 0.1% of all pest reports (88 per 100,000 reports) More Info Clot Factor: BingoFun Games: On average, 22 objects detected in each machine The "Clot Factor" is a measure of how much a pest "gums up" a machine by adding registry entries, files, and directories. As more objects are placed in a machine, manual removal becomes more difficult and more error-prone. Countries Affected: In the past three months, we have received reports of BingoFun Games in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela. Growth: BingoFun Games: Increased 1000.0% over the last 90 days Clapi your S/W angel
  9. Have a look you will see what happen ) Clapi your S/W angel
  10. No Sir, If you want to bet I can prove it. Why don't you use for instance PestPatrol, http://www.pestscan.com/Scan.asp Then you will tell me if I'm wrong ! Godd luck, I'm waiting for your remarks when done . Clapi your S/W angel
  11. I know what I'm saying: window register is infected by BingoFun Games adware at the time CDBurnerXP is installed Clapi your S/W angel
  12. Hi Guys, I do appreciate a lot your software, good features and excellent quality. BUT ... you should have told your users that a spyware related to BingoFun Games is being installed at the time CDBurnerXP Pro is installed. This would have been fair to inform people who use your software, and at the same time describe what this spyware/adware actually does ! Thanks for your explanation Claps Clapi your S/W angel
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