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wriing error - sense key: 3 ASC: 73 QSCQ: 3

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I did a quick look in the archives and didn't find this bug.

I use a few DVD burning tools (Burn4free, DVDshrink, CDBburnerXP pro 3, Super DVD Creator, etc) and recently CDBurnerXP Pro is not writing the disk on my laptop external DVD writer but is writing on my desktop internal dvd writer. Burn4free writes on both computers.

The error msg is attached.

I am using DVD-R disks and have tried a few to no avail.

I also cannot wite with DVDshrink or SuperDVD Creator on my laptop.

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Yes, it seems either no one is using this forum or no one has an answer.

Not bothering to wait, I decided to buy another burner as they are quite cheap now, and the new one doesn't have quite the same problem but also does not burn consistently.

I now use one tool to convert and another to burn.

I believe it has something to do with the burner being USB as my desktop burner works more consistently and at higher speed.

It also may have to do with the quality of the DVDs, as I do buy the cheapest (approx $15-20 per 100).

I now also use 6x only to burn.

I probably waste 1 in 4 DVDs but at approx 40 cents each it isn't a serious problem.

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I'm getting the same error message with an NEC-3550A dvd burner trying to burn an ISO. I've tried dropping the burn speed but it's not changing anything. Is this just a drive incompatibility? This is a fairly popular drive...

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