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Lindsay Graham

Problems burning

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I'm a new user, with a Pentium 4 laptop running Windows XP Home SP2 with CD burner QSI DVD/CDRW SBW-161. I downloaded CDBXPP a few days ago, and was immediately impressed with the look of it, but so far I've been unable to burn a CD. I've been trying to create backup CDs, the data being mainly photo images averaging around 750KB in size.

My first few attempts at the default 16x speed (with 5-600 images) each hung part way through the burn process. Write was aborted, but then the disk would not eject and could not be seen by WinXP or CDBXPP until the computer had been rebooted.

Then I tried with 125 files (90MB) at 4x speed and the write was successful. But it took 20 minutes for the session to close and 3.5 hours for verification to complete. And 0 of 125 files matched! -- the reasons were 'Could not read destination from disc' or 'Source and destination file did not match'.

Can anyone help?? I should add that I'm also having problems burning with WinXP and Nero5 -- any ideas on what the problem might be?

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