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New Major Version (ver.3) + Avatars

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Now I have added an avatar galery where you can choose one out of 1400 avatars for this forum :)

News about version 3:

I just want to report that we have started working on a new major update of CDBurnerXP Pro version 3. I will be back with all the new things in that version as soon as we have made some testing. If everything goes as we planning, hopefully we will have a first beta within a month. This means that the old version will not have any new functions, I will release a update in a few days.

A few news about the next version, we have made great progress with the next version I'm running a first version of it right now, and it seems to work out very good. If we're lucky and not running in any big problems, my guess is that a first test version will be released within one or two weeks. The first release will only have data disc creation and a whole new ripper.

Until the next major version is released, please do not post in Bugs-forum already mentioned bugs (i.e. error 102)! You should first try with the new version if these bugs still exist.

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Guest Peggy19057,macsenior1@hot

How do I get a version that I can use now to get some use from my CD Burner??

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Dang I am posting in the "BUGS" section and it seems like my post is being jumped over and I am really trying to make it work. So if there is a work around to what I posted in the Bugs section please someone respond to it.

It is detailed with follow up posts and timing and all.

Thank You

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