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"Ignore Previous Session" should "0" files on disk

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  • I insert a DVD-RW with a previous session on it
    I receive a dialogue to "Continue" or "Ignore Previous Session"
    I select "Ignore Previous Session"

Once I choose "Ignore", I would like to see the reported file size on the disk drop to zero (rather than continuing to indicate the space occupied by the files on the disk, which I have just elected to overwrite by virtue of selecting "ignore"). What I have found is that if there is sufficient free space on the disk for the new files that I want to put there ... IN ADDITION TO the files that are already there, then the program will automatically erase the existing files and burn the new files. OTOH, if the files to be burned EXCEED disk capacity WHEN ADDED TO THE FILES THAT ARE ALREADY THERE (even though those files are to be overwritten in the burn), then I receive an "exceeds disk capacity" message, and I must manually erase the disk before I can add the files.

I suggest that once I select "Ignore Previous Session", the behavior should be the same, whether or not the new files would exceed disk capacity if ADDED TO the existing files on the disk (since the additive calculation is totally irrelevant). There should be a de facto auto erase.

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