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RE: Need Help Newbie at DVD-Burning

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Hi, I have me a New Dell Dimension Desktop E521 computer I have a DVD-CD Burner Combo on the Top Drive and a LiTE-On DVD Burner in the Bottom Drive. Can I use this program to make back-up copyies of my movies. Alot of my movies I own are copy-righted and they won't record I am hoping this will get around it.

I am also wondering can I use this to make back-up copyies of Ps2 games cause I pay over 50 bucks a piece for these games and I dont wanna lose them cause they are getting stracted up some. I understand that you need a Mod-Chip or a Magic-Swap Disk in order to play these games same thing for the imports.

I use Maxwell DVD-R Disks to burn my movies and games on are these a good choice or which Disks would you recommened. Sorry About all the questions I am a newbie when it comes to DVD Burning I am hoping that this will not be a complicated process. I am only using this to burn back-ups of movies and games that I currently own.

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