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Creating an ISO image

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I need to create an iso image in order to update my Sony Bluray Disc player. The direction are:

Use the "Burn Image" option of your DVD burning software to create the update disc from the UPDATE_BDPS1_ver0150.iso file.

# DVD Burning Notes:

* Do not create a data disc. In order for the update disc to work, you must create it using the "Burn Image" option of your DVD burning software.

* The update disc must be finalized. Be sure select "Finalize DVD (No further writing possible)" in your DVD burning software to finalize the update disc.

* If write errors occur during the DVD burning process, discard the disc and create a new update disc.

* Burning the disc using packet writing software is not supported.

* Do not use an update disc created using any other process than the one described above.

How do I achieve this?

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This is the standard procedure:

1. Open CdBurnerXPpro

2. Click 'Create Data CD/DVD' (don't worry we will be alright)

3. Put in a blank disc

4. Go to 'File'

5. Select 'Burn Disc From ISO File'

6. Browse to the ISO image.

7. Select 'Finalise Disc'.

8, Click 'Burn Disc'

Note that this converts the ISO image to a Disc, rather than burning the ISO as a single file onto the otherwise useless CD. This is the common error that I frequently see.

Now, if this is an upgrade for a DVD player, you may need to use DVD Video capable recording software - it's likely that the upgrade won't proceed if the player won't read the disc. That said, it's got to be worth a try from an ISO.

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