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It happened I've lost password for my account for windows vista and can not login now. Is there any possibility for me to restore password? I can't bypass login now, as my account had admin rights.

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this is one reason I stick with xp and I never ever set a password on my logon, even if its something I'll never forget, like my ss# you will get immediately locked out of your computer. Try safe mode, (repeatedly tap f8 on boot up until it beeps or pops up a menu if its like all the other systems) there might be a secret Administrator account that is for the maker of your pc. There is normally no password but it is slow as heck cause of all the special things they have loading. Then make another administrator acct so you still have access to your pc, dont fool around in that logon without knowing what you're doing you could really mess things up.

If there isn't a maker logon then in essence you are screwed. Best bet is to enter dos, copy all your important files onto something and reformat. Then learn to either use a password you know for a fact you wont ever forget or none. (if youre the only one who touches your pc then why have a password to begin with?) You might be able to get something with a guest acct but don't bank on it, best to go over Window's head. (might need a pc guru if you dont have the knowledge.)

That is of course, if Vista has a safe mode and dos :shock: MS is strange in that way, they've been trying to break free of dos for the past 2 operating systems. They think it's too old, we all need a skull to hold our brain so does the computer. :P

Hope this helps :D


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Guest nljam23

If you know the administrator password you entered when you installed Vista you may be able to get back in.

Do the old F8 trick at boot and start Vista in Safe Mode.

This will expose the true local administrator account for interactive login.

Assuming you know the administrator password simply log in and change your user account password as you normally would.

Vista does not give the first logged in user a true administrator account.

By default this account is in the local administrator group but is protected by UAC.

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