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Wrong size values when trying to replace files on DVD

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Ok this is the first time I am trying to use CDburner XP.

First of all I wanted to replace all current files on a DVD+RW by some other files.

After opening of CDburnerXP I dragged these new files from the explorer on the top pane to the target pane on the bottom - and yes they were show as intended on the bottom.

But much to my surprise the size values in the status bar (resp just above) are very confusing:

On disc: 8603,04MB

How can a DVD have more than 4 GB ? (It is not a double layer DVD !)

Total estimated Size: 12736,60MB

Hmm on the disk are currently approx 3,5GB and I want to replace them by files with a sum of 3,8 GB.

How does CDBurnerXP get the 12 GB ?

Remaining size: -8253,98 MB

Whats this ? Even if I subtract CDBurnerXP's own values (see above) I dont get a difference

of 8,2 GB?

So whats wrong with all these size indicators ?

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