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Translation Status

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Here is a list of all translations with confirmed translators and progress.

French - Colok - Finished
Polish - Lukasz.N, kazmroot - Finished
Chinese - shinzey - Finished
Romanian - muntealb - Finished
Trad. Chinese - sec2 - Finished
Japanese - kaz - Finished
Hungarian - FleetCommand - Finished
German - freibergisch - Finished
Swedish - Terpie - Finished
Portuguese - HelderMagalhaes - Uploaded
Russian - FLIER - Finished
Turkish - langturk - Finished
Czech - GVG - Finished
Italian - Lemming - Uploaded
Dutch - KoalaBear - Finished
Portuguese - keijjo - Finished
Ukrainian - vitalis
Hebrew - Yaron
Korean - dyhan81
Mexican - ektorbarajas

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Hi Flo!

I'm not able to find the latest English version of the original English resx file, for comparing with my translation...

Could you tell me, please?

Thanks, cu


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