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Newbie question: How to burn bootable CD for different platf


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I looked through the FAQ installed and forums - but I didn't see quite what I was looking for.

Please help..

I'm running version 3.0.116 of cdburnerxp on windows 2000.

I have (Debian)Linux ISO file that i want to burn - to create install disks for another PC.

When I use the iso Option, I do not want the windows boot because I want to install Linux.

The FAQ says that the ISO file should have the boot info.

But I don't know which option to use on the cdburnerXP menu...

The ISO file - or rather, its bitTorrent Link is at

http://cdimage.debian.org/debian-cd/3.1 ... so.torrent

Any other INFO_FOR_DUMMIES will be appreciated..

Thanks in advance,

Jay E.

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(After reviewing more of the forum discussions..)

To burn disc from existing ISO file -

Ignore the secondary widow that has GUI to select files, and

Use 'File' Button in main window....

So, with version 3.0.116 the steps could be:

1. Launch CDBurnerXP 3. If the secondary window does not yet exist,

at the welcome screen "New Compilation window"

select the first option to "Create a new data CD......."

Now, the main menu bar, main icon bar, and seconsary window(titled:

CD/DVD Layout) should exist.

2. Put in a blank disc

3. Go to 'File' on the main menu bar

4. Select 'Write Disc From ISO File'

5. Observe a new window, titled: Write ISO Image, pops up -

replacing the previous window.

6. Browse to the ISO image; and select. Note: If you have saved

the image on a slower, auxiliary drive ( like usb-connected drive)

it may take a while for the image to be loaded.

Observe a status line that states:

ISO File [ you file] Loaded

7. Select 'Finalize Disc'.

[7a. I also selected "Use Buffer Protection(BurnProof, JustLink,etc.)".

8. Click 'Write Disc'

Also, once I had disconnected my Internet connection, I disabled the

anti-virus software, to the ISO file would not be re-scanned

during cd-burning.

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